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“No pain!”

Honestly, getting his teeth straightened was no big deal for teenager Carter Marshall.

His grandfather, a dentist, warned that braces would hurt. Invisalign didn’t.

“No pain, that was a big deal for me,” Carter says.

So was chewing gum.

“Being able to take out the Invisalign trays for an hour lets me do that,” he says.

Carter has been a patient at Williamsburg Orthodontics ever since he can remember. “I would go in by myself when I was younger,” he says. “I’d just go back to the chair and they’d start doing their thing.”

Now his teeth look great, and he doesn’t mind wearing a retainer. “This is the biggest year of my life so far since I was going into high school,” he says. “I wanted to make a good impression.”

Carter’s smile lets him do just that!

“I have the smile I had hoped that I would have had 35 years ago.”

Mary Kefalas never liked her smile.

When she was in her 50s, she decided to do something about it. She wasn’t eager to walk around with a mouthful of metal. In lieu of traditional braces, Dr. Peter Wendell recommended Invisalign along with extracting a rogue tooth to help close a gap on her lower teeth.

“After 18 months of Invisalign, I was thrilled,” Mary says. “I have the smile I had hoped that I would have had 35 years ago. You’re never too old to have the work done that you’ve always wanted done.”

Bonus: Mary paid for everything using funds from her Health Savings Account. “That made it affordable,” she says. “Essentially I was paying for the whole thing tax free.”

Mary offers this about Williamsburg Orthodontics, “Certainly their office is the best office in all of Williamsburg. I love all the people there. They’re friendly and thorough and you can go back in there for any kind of little tweak, and nobody nickels and dimes you. For what I was looking for, they were perfect.”

“A great place to be.”

Cappy Troy sat back and watched her children actually enjoy what teenagers typically dread.

Regular trips to the orthodontist’s office.

Jack and Posey Troy both were longtime patients of Drs. Patti and Matt Eppright at Williamsburg Orthodontics.

“They actually enjoyed going,” Cappy says. “One of the things that’s unique is that the doctors and actually everyone in the office are engaged in who the kids are outside of the office. Everybody there has a phenomenal memory. They’re invested in their patients and what they’re doing in terms of school and sports.”

Cappy appreciates that as a parent. She felt at ease during their treatment because Jack and Posey were so comfortable at every appointment. Dr. Matt Eppright’s passion for giving back to the community through youth soccer inspired Posey enough to want a job there. After a summer working at Williamsburg Orthodontics, Posey is now poised to make a career in orthodontics and will major in the health sciences at James Madison University.

“Williamsburg Orthodontics is a great place to be,” Cappy says. “They maintain a professionalism and do a good job of putting patients at ease.  They make what could be a stressful period of times in kids’ lives easy.”

Williamsburg Orthodontics front desk

“this office is superior”

Going to an orthodontist’s office can be a drag. Grace N. actually uses the word “treat” when describing the experiences that have kept her returning to Williamsburg Orthodontics for more than two decades.

Her three children are adults now, but for a time, all of them saw Dr. Peter Wendell regularly. “The office was always on time with their appointments. The kids would get in and out,” Grace says. “They always worked around their school and sports schedules. It is a happy, organized, efficient place.”

During one of her children’s appointment, Grace waited with her youngest daughter, Libbie, when Julie, one of the staff members at Williamsburg Orthodontics, noticed something that didn’t look quite right with the 7-year-old’s jaw. She suggested Libbie see Dr. Wendell.

He discovered that Libbie’s jaw was growing unevenly and immediately began treatment of what’s a complicated problem. “Dr. Wendell sent us to an oral surgeon in Richmond,” Grace says. “He has contacts all over the field. I would have never thought to reach out to an oral surgeon in Richmond, and the surgeon he sent us to was nothing short of a blessing.”

At 18, Libbie underwent a six-hour surgery to correct the issue.

Dr. Wendell called Grace only hours after the surgery in Richmond to check on Libbie. “He remembered the date of the surgery. Who does that today!” Grace says. “He’s just so good at what he does.”

When Libbie returned to Williamsburg Orthodontics for the first time after surgery, “Everybody in that office was happy to see her,” Grace says. “She came home after that 10-minute appointment glowing. They made her feel like a million bucks.”

Grace also talked with Dr. Wendell about Invisalign for herself, but he suggested a more inexpensive option.

“He took the time to explain to me a more worthwhile, faster treatment,” Grace says. “He’s honest and he cares.” “I just think this office is superior.”

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