this place is amazing!

I don’t understand how they stay in business…. I mean, they did such a good job with my Invisalign that I don’t think I’ll need to come back for any orthodontic work for the rest of my life. How is that not a failing business model???

All jokes aside, this place is amazing! The staff are super friendly (and I’m not just saying that because they bribed me). Dr Matt was a pleasure to work with and really valued my input and worked with me until we were both satisfied with the results. Everyone is easy to communicate with, and the appointments were always quick but not rushed. My only real complaint is that the video games in the lobby don’t keep records of the high scores. So, let me just state it here on the record, that I 100% have the highest score in the racing game. Sorry to everyone else who thought they were the reigning champion.

– Jason Pierce

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