VG 2017 – 2020 Best Of: Williamsburg

Thank you to all of our patients and the community for this honor! We come to work every day to make a positive impact on your lives and are grateful for the opportunity to serve you!

No More Gooey Impressions!

No more gooey impressions needed to start your Invisalign treatment! This video camera for your teeth and bite is so peaceful it even put this energetic guy to sleep…don’t worry we cleaned the drool off the chair before the next patient came!

No Troll Left Behind

No. Troll. Left. Behind! Our team had such a fun time dressing up for Halloween as Trolls and one lonely Bergen named Bridget! We are already looking forward to dressing up as something fun next year!

Free Mouth Guards for Student-Athletes*

Over 5 million teeth are knocked out each year from sports injuries – but you can help protect your teeth with a well fitting mouth guard. On several dates this spring and summer (listed in the handout here), you can bring your middle or high school student-athlete to Williamsburg Orthodontics for a free fitted mouth guard. We’ll even make it in their school colors. These complimentary custom mouth guards are available to anyone in the community, whether you have been a patient or not. For our current patients, we will make you a complimentary custom mouth guard as soon as your braces are taken off. Contact our office and set up your brief 10 minute fitting – 757-253-1200.

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